Let Treasury Information Services (TIS) show you how to
free up cash and reduce your banking costs

For more than 20 years, companies of all sizes, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations have called on TIS to help them reduce their operating costs by improving their cash and treasury management practices and enhancing their own skills and knowledge. We help our clients free up cash and manage it better by focusing on these key areas:

Bank Relations: Bank Compensation Reviews, Bank Report Cards,
 Negotiation Support and Coaching
RFPs for Banking Services: Streamlined RFPs, RFP Spot Consulting,
 and RFP FAQs.
Treasury: Treasury Tune-ups, Cash Flow Forecasting, and
 Creating or Updating Treasury
Continuing Education: Training for Financial Executives, CTP Prep Workshops and
 Training for Bankers

Online Courses Available

TIS Principal Ken Parkinson has been working with Proformative Academy, developing online courses. So far, he has developed three courses – two on cash flow forecasting, and one on working capital management. Others are planned; so do check back here for additional courses. These are new courses.

Visitors to this web site can explore the courses currently offered by Proformative by using the links shown below. Also, visitors from this site can obtain a 10% discount by entering the code "Parkinson10".

Proformative offers a host of courses, which can be viewed on the Proformative web site.

Find books and other tools for financial professionals at TIS Books.